Day 6: South Bend, IN to Lewisburg, PA

The second to last day of the road trip was another long haul, 10 plus hours. There was constant stopping to break up the monotony of pounding through 3 states, and not to mention having to pay a toll every time you wanted to exit the freeway in Ohio but that's another story for another day. 


On one of our many detours through Ohio we came upon this amazing motel sign. There was never any shortage of beautiful signage and old type faces in each of these small towns. 


I believe this is the Allegheny River in PA, but once again things started blurring together.


The hotel bar was basically empty and all ours so not much to complain about here. Lewisburg, PA was a flash in the pan on this road trip, had to move onto the next. 

Patrick Krah