Day 5: Omaha, NE to South Bend, IN

Day 5 was definitely more of a grueling day to say the least. About 10 and a half hours spent from Omaha to South Bend. Nearing the end of our trip we tried covering as much ground as we could because packing 2 toddlers and 2 dogs, let's just say things were starting to get testy. 


We got out of Nebraska pretty quickly and spent a little time in Iowa, trying to take as many breaks as possible so not everyone went nuts, not sure that didn't happen though. 


Pretty sure this is crossing over into Illinois, when you knock out 3 states in a day things start blurring together. 


One of the many things I loved about this road trip and what I love about small towns is the store fronts, restaurants, liquor stores etc. The signage is understated and timeless. One of the biggest philosophies of my design process is always minimal, clean and understated. 


I kept seeing signs for this small town called Princetown. The signs weren't anything special but I think the consistency of them drew me in. Only when we got closer did the signs start touting it as the Ronald Reagan's birthplace. The town definitely felt like it was frozen in time with very few updates to the buildings and signage. 


After 10 hours in the car we finally arrived in South Bend, Indiana (these photos were taken the next day) home of Notre Dame. I am not a college football fan so this wasn't as special as it would be to some other die hards. 


There is definitely 2 sections to South Bend. The Hell's Angels club house is located in the area in which I am sure they try to keep the Notre Dame students away from but it is also the area where I felt had the most character. 


On to the next. 

Patrick Krah