My name is Patrick Krah, founder and designer of Santana Social Club.

After years of working and designing in fashion, I wanted to create something that was more than just clothing.

A brand that felt much closer to home.

SSC was born as a way to pay homage to my maternal grandfather, David Santana.

He is the backbone of our brand and was a man who stood for so much of what we want to embody with our garments.

My grandfather joined the U.S Navy at just 17 years old to fight in the Korean war, and came home to have a brief stint as a Pachuco during the Zoot Suit Riots in Los Angeles. He eventually became a butcher in Boyle Heights. Shortly after, he made his way to become head of the Local 563 Teamsters Union.

Progressiveness, masculinity, and craftsmanship are just a few of the things that come to mind when I think of my grandfather and the era in which he lived. My hope is that the pieces we make at SSC will bring those same feelings to anyone who wears them.

Inclusiveness and accessibility are most important, and I strive to acknowledge that the modern day  “man’s man” won’t always look the same.

Santana Social Club is a brand that is in many ways, All for One.